We started Lalaliv after I had some life changes which I needed to shift my energy. I was always a positive person and would share positive messages with others. 

Lalaliv is designed to promote positive thinking and awareness. At Lalaliv, our mission is to design a shirt to fit people of various shapes and sizes, designed for those who aspire to be successful. We believe that our clients should have a shirt made with care, that is comfortable and feels so good that they never want to take it off. We set the bar to make a great tee and did just that! 

Living in Long Beach, which is known for its sunny beautiful weather and great beaches, people want a light weight t-shirt. They feel it is important to be in a tee that is soft, comfortable and motivational. After searching for the perfect shirt with exceptional quality, we delivered the perfect shirt to make you look good, feel good and spread a positive message.

Lalaliv was founded in 2015 in Long Beach, California after I left a corporate management position. I was disempowered, discouraged and losing confidence in myself. I was always encouraging others as a manager in my previous position and was said to have a positive attitude. I decided to turn my negative into a positive. I thought to myself how many others want to design the life they want? How many people struggled with entrepreneurship? How many people aspire to be successful in business?

Lalaliv was born. Our premium t-shirts promotes positive thinking, and the celebration awareness of greatness among women and men as entrepreneurs. We provide our customers with a comfortable t-shirt that serves a purpose, motivating them to be bold in their beliefs as entrepreneurs while representing who they are.

Our motivating designs are modern with a vintage twist, incorporating positive illustrations. Comfortable, durable t-shirts… Celebrate who you are with Lalaliv!

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P.S. Liv Your Life!!